Şivan Perwer - 'Roj û Heyv'

Sun and Moon
Roj û Heyv was conceived an album marking Şivan Perwer's twenty fifth year as an artist, and contains his traditional songs.
Based on some basic musical forms of the Kurdish region, it contains the melodic, vocal and rhythmic characteristics of the "stran" of various areas. An attempt was made to embellish upon the characteristic aspects of Kurdish music, based sometimes on local vocal styles and the modal structure of the music, at times on the ways of expression and imagery in the spoken language, which differs from region to region, and at other times on the songs' literary background. In his vocal styles, Perwer too is grounded on this regional diversity, and at times uses theatrical interpretation.
When one considers the possibilities provided by the arrangement of traditional songs, interpreting this music anew with an experimental approach involves a certain "risk," and also requires a different concept of it. The only possible way to come up with an answer to the "tension in the relationship between the authentic and experimental (and avant-garde)" is with a clearly defined musical concept, even if only a basic outline of one. This argument is definitely an issue for Roj û Heyv, and is the reason behind the use of experimental interpretations.

Kardeş Türküler - Istanbul, September 2000


1. Mîrkut (The Pestle)/Traditional (Urfa)/Sivan Perwer/Kurdish (Kurmancî)

2. Pawanekanî (Nazdarekem)/(My Coy Love) Traditional (Süleymaniye)
compiled by Sivan Perwer - Nazmî Nazım/Kurdish (Soranî)

3. Koçerê (The Nomadic Girl/Traditional
(Botan)/source: Hesenê Cizirî/Kurdish (Kurmancî)

4. Dîlbera Min (My Beauty) /Traditional
(Koçgirî) compiled by Hasret Gültekin/Kurdish (Kurmancî)

5. Ez Xelef im (Me, Khalef)/Traditional

6. Dûzgi (Saint Duzgin)/Traditional
(Dersim) compiled by Daîmî Cengîz/Kurdish (Zazakî)

7. Bew (She)/Traditional
(Hewreman)compiled by Sivan Perwer - Rençber Xosnav/Kurdish (Soranî)

8. Mîro (The Chieftain)/Traditional
(Amediye)compiled by Sivan Perwer/Kurdish (Kurmancî)




Fatih Ahıskalı


Soner Akalın


Ozan E. Aksoy


Özer Arkun


Aytekin Ataş


Ömer Avcı


Yaz Baltacıgil


Zahîd Brifkanî


Nevzat Çelebi


Eyüp Hamiş


Emre Kocabaş


Ozan Musluoğlu


Erol Mutlu


Rıza Okçu


Diler Özer


Selda Öztürk


Turgay Özüfler


Ertan Tekin


Vedat Yıldırım