Vizontele was our first soundtrack. The earlier albums Kardeş Türküler (1977) and Doğu (1999), focused on the broad spectrum of ethnic music of Anatolia. Taking on the musical direction of Şivan Perwer's album Roj û Heyv (2000), gave us the chance to become more closely acquainted with the folk songs of Mesopotamia. Thus, preparing the music for a film set in the east of Turkey, the dramaturgy of earlier works served as a framework that showed us the way. Cinema, on the other hand, bringing up as it does the relationship between music and the visual, required a different approach. Here, one basic philosophy was that the music should avoid the function of “translating,” turning the visual atmosphere into sound. Rather, with its own style, it should contribute to the film. In this sense, the music, beyond simply reinforcing/emphasizing the meaning of the scenes, can, as an atmosphere, bring about a “reestablishment” of that visual in its own realm. For this reason, it seemed a more correct approach to design the relationship between the film and the music as one of two autonomous entities that observe each other. It is with this approach that the music for “Vizontele” was arranged.
Dılgeş Turkish lyrics by Feryal Öney, Kurdish lyrics & music by Vedat Yıldırım
Denize Yakılan Türkü lyrics by Yılmaz Erdogan, music by Vedat Yıldırım - traditional / Turkish
Leyla traditional (Mukrîyan-Iran), source: Hasan Zirek, compiled by Zahîd Brîfkanî Kurdish - Soranî
Evvelim Sen Oldun lyrics & music by Neşet Ertaş / Turkish
On İki Eylül music by Rıza Okçu & Vedat Yıldırım
Do Do Bıbe (Ayran Ayran Ol) traditional (Dersim), source: Zilfî Selcan Kurdish - Zazakî
Hewara Gulê (Gülün Feryadı) Kurdish - Kurmancî lyrics by Vedat Yıldırım, music by Vedat Yıldırım traditional
Misafir music by Vedat Yıldırım
Elleri Pamuk traditional (Urfa), source: Mukîm Tahir / Turkish
Do Do Bıbe (Ayran Ayran Ol) traditional (Dersim), source: Zilfî Selcan Kurdish - Zazakî
Serabî lyrics by Pakrat Estukyan, music by Vedat Yıldırım / Armenian
Mektup music by Rıza Okçu & Vedat Yıldırım
Hewara Gulê (enst.) music: Vedat Yıldırım – traditional